I have a dream

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         I have a dream     I have a dream.I want to be a climbing sporter.Because     “Being that I would be proud”I think,“Then,also I can     reach even so many views I didn‘t saw before.     Secondly,I like riding a bicycle in usual life.”The view     beside manbetx是一个信誉好及富有强烈社会责任感的在线娱乐平台,万博manbetx对于喜欢玩博彩游戏玩家应该都不陌生,万博体育投注返水为你提供各类好玩的单机游戏下载,万博体育投注返水拥有完善的游戏平台,manbetx将成为玩家拥有财富的新起点。 both manbetx是一个信誉好及富有强烈社会责任感的在线娱乐平台,万博manbetx对于喜欢玩博彩游戏玩家应该都不陌生,万博体育投注返水为你提供各类好玩的单机游戏下载,万博体育投注返水拥有完善的游戏平台,manbetx将成为玩家拥有财富的新起点。 of the manbetx是一个信誉好及富有强烈社会责任感的在线娱乐平台,万博manbetx对于喜欢玩博彩游戏玩家应该都不陌生,万博体育投注返水为你提供各类好玩的单机游戏下载,万博体育投注返水拥有完善的游戏平台,manbetx将成为玩家拥有财富的新起点。 roads is beautiful,"also I thought.     Different people have different impression of their     class.Now our class acts like a big classroom ,including     fifty-eight students and several teachers.We are fond of     English lessons.In P.E. lesson,part of classmates would     play basketball,other would play badminton.In computer     lesson,we learn lots of computer knowledge from lesson.     As I know,we have sat up the friendship in our class,we     get on well with each other.We also hope everybody would     be happy in our class.     That’s all,thanks.